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Hunt in Canada with Barneck Outfitters

Hunt Manitoba's Famous Interlake Region. Come to one of Canada's biggest waterfowl staging areas, the Interlake Region between Lake Manitoba and Lake Winnipeg is home to thousands of ducks and geese and are more abundant than anywhere in North America.

Our hunt area takes place only two hours north of Winnipeg, Manitoba and most of our hunt area is just south of the Boreal Forest and is the first fields and potholes these birds ever see resulting in you truly being able to get birds right out of the faucet. We commonly take Mallards, Widgeon, Pintail, Gadwall, Woodies, and Teal from the fields and marshes and we offer bigger lake hunts for Bluebill, Canvasback, Redhead, Ringnecks, and Goldeneye. It is famaous for an abundance of Bluegeese which mature "Eagleheads sometime even out number the vast amounts of Snows and Ross Geese that frequent the area. For the dark goose enthusiast both the giant Northern Canadians as well as Lesser Cacklers are taken on an everyday basis. Our wingshooting is truly the best available in North America with liberal limits upped to over 60 birds a day. The limit is 8 ducks, 5 dark geese, and up to fifty White Geese the opportunities for this much action has been previously unseen. We try to hunt fields and marshes in the morning for all types of geese and return the lakes and willow groves in the aftenoon if needed to finish our limits.

Our scouts have over 50 yrs experience in this area roost the birds every afternoon to ensure your groups absoloute best success on an everyday basis. This is an experience no one should miss if even once in a lifetime or as addicting as it is on a yearly basis. Our hunts start from the third week of September and last until the last of October. We are also far enough north that most Snow Geese, Canada, Ross and Blues and divers are usually all in full plumage by seasons begginning with all almost by start of October.

Our trips are from three to six days in length with many packages all inlusive with lodging and meals and some include transportation to and from winnipeg international airport. Bear hunts can be offerd along with bear bird combo hunts on these hunts as well.

Contact us today for rates and specials. Contact Chris Sherman at 443-786-6073 or 410-886-2193 or by email at or call Nick Odonnell at 443-786 4910. References are available from clients accross the US and Canada.

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